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Thank you to the BYU Engineering alumni and students who participated in the first-ever BYU Engineering Rube Goldberg Challenge!
By Mandy R. Herrera July 19, 2021 05:14 PM
The teacher training week kicked off the first of three summer cybersecurity camps. Educators expanded the tools in their cyber pockets, ready to pass on their new knowledge to their upcoming students for the year.
By Todd Hollingshead July 19, 2021 06:00 AM
BYU cybersecurity professor Justin Giboney is training the next generation of cyber experts to keep your information safe. In this Q&A, Giboney answers a few questions to help breakdown what we are facing and what we can do.
By Mandy R. Herrera July 14, 2021 03:12 PM
Despite the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual Student Innovator of the Year Competition proved as successful as years past. Innovations ranged from improvements on laparoscopic tools to clutter free activities for families.
By Mandy R. Herrera July 08, 2021 02:17 PM
Assistant Professor Scott Bartholomew has actively engaged in the role of teacher educator for many years. His positive impact continues to grow globally as he establishes and encourages better methods for education.
Kick-off your Student Innovator of the Year competition experience. Learn how to receive up to $400 to prototype your idea and how to join the process that will increase your technical and professional development and give you a chance to win part of 50k in total prize money. Network with fellow innovators.
EB Event Space
Come present your innovative idea to your peers. Practice your presentation skills and get positive and constructive feedback about your idea.
EB Event Space
Be mentored by BYU College of Engineering alumni and other industry professionals. Deliver your idea or product pitch, answer questions, and receive high-quality feedback from the mentors. You may just find a mentor for your team for the duration of SIOY and beyond. 
Learn basics of protecting your innovative ideas from an IP pro and resources available on campus to help you.
This preliminary judging competition determines the seven teams that will advance to the Finals competition. Use your refined 4-minute pitch to highlight what makes your product innovative, the engineering work involved, and its impact to judges, students, and visitors. Four Showcase Honorable Mentions and a Crowd Favorite will win $500 each. Teams who don't advance to the Finals are eligible to compete in SIOY a subsequent year. 
EB Event Space and CB step-down lounge
Mandatory - Prior to the final event, each finalist team will be coached by a private mentor in the development of their short presentation. This presentation coaching will focus on including all aspects of the judging rubric while being engaging and entertaining.
Engineering Building (EB)
The seven finalist teams will give their presentation to judges in front of a large crowd.  Each finalist team will receive $4,000 just for competing in the final event. Finals competition winners will receive additional cash awards of 1st place- $8,000, 2nd place - $6,000, 3rd place - $4,000, and Crowd Favorite - $2,000.