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Study Abroad

Engineering Study Abroad & International Internship Opportunities
International Internships

2022 Programs

Applications for 2022 Study Abroad programs are NOW OPEN!

Be mentored by BYU Engineering faculty who show you the world through an engineering lens, expose you to innovations practiced abroad and teach you how engineering changes as you cross borders. Scroll down to find the adventure that is right for you.


The Weidman Center for Global Leadership provides scholarships for all study abroad programs offered by the engineering college. Scholarship amounts vary by program and do not require an extra application process —students accepted will receive the scholarship that relates to that program.

Additionally, if you find an engineering-specific international internship, you may apply for a Weidman Center International Internship Scholarship.

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2019_Weidman_Global Perspectives_Solar Panels


(Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Spain)

Global Perspectives on Energy and the Environment

27 Apr–16 May 2022 (Approximately)

All majors welcome; priority for Mechanical Engineering majors

Immerse yourself in the European countries leading the way in renewable energy. Learn about innovation in solar, wind, geothermal, energy from waste incineration, and government energy policy.

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2017_Weidman_Singapore_Group Photo


Fundamentals of International Product Design & Development

9–28 May 2022

Develop your knowledge of product design and development while working as an international team with students from the National University of Singapore and Penn State University. Research and design a new product to solve a local problem in Singapore.

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2017_Weidman_Europe Infrastructure_The Colosseum


(Italy, Netherlands, France, Belgium)

Infrastructure and Global Leadership
Mid-May to first week in June 2022

Civil & Environmental Engineering majors only

Learn about ancient and modern civil engineering projects in some of the most culturally rich locations in Europe. The course focuses on all disciplines of civil engineering: structures, transportation, geotechnical, water resources, and environmental.

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2011_Weidman_Peru_Working Together


Global Engineering Outreach
26 April–14 May 2022 (approximately)

Use your technical education to change lives through humanitarian engineering with a focus on sustainable technologies. Work on multidisciplinary teams to solve real problems and experience how boundaries can fade in the world of applied engineering.

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(England, Netherlands, France, Switzerland)

Build and Ride a Bike in Europe
30 May–3 Jul 2022
Design and build a bike of your own in England. No experience necessary! Then, explore The Netherlands, France and Switzerland riding your new bike as you visit engineering and technology companies.

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(Scandinavia, Baltic States, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Finland)

Global Product Development
25 Apr–18 May 2022
Explore how countries and companies experience engineering design to solve important globalization issues while managing product development in a global environment. Discover how companies seek to understand design strategies related to concepts like product architecture, CAD management, prototyping and manufacturing systems to meet global issues.

International Internships

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Why Intern Abroad?
Consider an internship an investment in your professional and personal future! These global experiences are affordable and immersive opportunities to practice engineering in a global context. An internship can develop your career perspectives and skills, provide you with expert feedback, and add global contacts to your professional network. As you engage in a new culture, you’ll apply academic knowledge and skills in unique, real-world situations and increase your marketability to employers.

Getting Started

The Weidman Center provides Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering students with scholarships to help fund their international internship. The step-by-step guide below has been provided to help you search for opportunities and receive Weidman Center international internship scholarships.

Other Financial Support

Additional information on aid for international experiences can be found through the Kennedy Center "Fund My Program" webpage.

Passport/Visa Photos

We encourage you to have a current passport to take advantage of the many international opportunities offered within the college.

Passport and visa photos are available to all BYU students, faculty and staff for free through BYU Purchasing and Travel in C-40 ASB. You can apply for a passport or get additional information online at

Special Note: Photos for China visas have strict requirements, please read the guidelines on and notify photographer.

Passport offices within Provo that process passport applications:

Provo Post Office

95 West 100 South

Provo, UT 84601-9988

(801) 818-9682

Utah County Clerk

100 East Center

Provo, UT 84601

(801) 851-8109