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Research Mentorships


The BE Together Research Mentorship Program is an excellent way for incoming freshmen and sophomores to gain out-of-classroom experience in their respective fields by conducting research in a laboratory while working alongside a mentoring faculty member. The mentorship lasts two semesters, requires approximately five hours of research per week, is paid, is a superb resume builder and is a great way to increase your technical and leadership skills.

Who can apply?

All declared College of Engineering freshmen as well as sophomores taking 200 level classes can apply following their acceptance to BYU. The application link will be emailed to them by April 1st. The freshman application will be available here from April 1st to 22nd. The sophomore application will be available from April 1st to May 6th.

What are the award amount and stipulations?

The total award is $1800 for fall and winter semester. Students are required to work 5 hours a week in their respective labs for a total of 150 hours during fall and winter semesters to receive all the award money. If all hours are not completed after the two semesters, students may, with permission from their faculty mentor and working with department secretaries, continue to work through spring and summer terms to complete all 150 hours.

As part of the award, you will attend two workshops and complete four short reports.

How do I get paid?

Students are hired by their department financial secretaries and can clock all hours through Y-time. One way to clock hours is using Y-Time on the BYU App. You can also use Y-Time to track your hours worked for each pay period. For more information regarding Y-Time, please refer to this website.

What is the Orientation Dinner?

The orientation dinner is an opportunity to eat free delicious food; meet and get to know the Research Mentorship staff, your faculty mentor, and other students in the Research Mentorship program; learn how to be hired; receive guidance about how to have a successful mentorship; and ask any questions. This dinner happens the beginning of fall semester. Your faculty mentor will contact you in late August to coordinate the available day when both of you can attend.

How many reports are required?

There will be a total of four mandatory reports to complete throughout the academic year; one pre-survey before fall semester begins, two reports in fall and one in winter semester. Each report link will be emailed to you. All reports need to be completed before the determined deadline. These reports provide you the opportunity to reflect about what you have learned or are learning, ask any questions, and give us feedback to help us improve the Research Mentorship experience.

How many workshops do I attend?

There are two, one-hour workshops you will attend, Recognize and Reduce Unconscious Bias, and Creating Collaborative Environments. These workshops teach you best practices for working effectively in diverse teams and environments and improving your communication skills. They count toward your total hours so you will clock-in and out when attending each one. These workshops are also part of the Weidman Center Leadership Workshop series. See the schedule here.

When does the Research Mentorship end?

Students will be terminated when they have worked all 150 hours: that can happen before winter semester ends, at the end of winter semester or, with permission from their faculty mentor to continue working, sometime during spring or summer terms.

Any students remaining in the program by the end of summer term will be terminated at that time.

Who do I contact with questions?

For questions regarding your time-card and pay, see your department financial secretary. For questions regarding your work in the lab, see your mentoring professor or lab supervisor. For any other questions regarding the Research Mentorship program, email


Arianna Kee

Meet Arianna Kee, a freshman Civil Engineering major. Arianna works in the Water Resources and Hydrology Lab with Dr.Hotchkiss, where she enjoys working with a diverse research team and flying drones.

"My favorite part of the mentorship is the field work,” Arianna explained. “I really like flying the drones and just being outside. I have made so many good friends through this mentorship and it just makes research so much fun,”

To future Research Mentees, Arianna urges, "Jump into projects immediately. When I started, I always felt so unqualified. It took me a little bit to learn that I should not be limiting my options to only what I know. Instead, I need to branch out and learn new things because that’s kind of what the research mentorship is about."
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