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Leadership Certificate

Leadership Certificate Program

What is it?

The BYU Engineering Leadership Certificate is an opt-in, non-academic program exclusively for BYU engineering students sponsored by the Weidman Center for Global Leadership. Through a deeper study and practice of leadership in engineering contexts, you will be more prepared to assume leadership roles in respected companies.

At completion, you will have additional valuable experience and training to discuss with prospective employers. The program is designed to realistically complement your academic coursework without creating undue burden. For graduation, you will receive a letter from the college describing your accomplishment, a Leadership Program certificate and exclusive swag to wear at college convocation.

How do I get started?

Applications are open. Read the Leadership Certificate Instructions and apply today!

What's required?

  1. Leadership Literature Study
  2. Leadership Workshops
  3. Engineering Experiences

Requirements may be done at your own pace, beginning as early as sophomore year. For more details, see certificate instructions. A sample schedule is provided below to see one way the program may be spread out, but feel free to create your own plan!

If you have more questions, send us an email at For more details, see certificate instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Who can enroll in the Leadership Certificate program?
    A: Any Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering sophomore, junior, or senior student enrolled in 200 level major courses or beyond. Any graduate student with two years remaining in the program. Freshman are not accepted.

    Q: How do I apply for the Leadership Certificate program?
    A: Click on the "Apply Now" button above and complete the application form.

    Q: Does the Leadership Certificate program replace the 231 Foundations for Global Leadership course requirements for my major?
    A: No. You will still need to take the Foundations for Global Leadership course or its equivalent if it is required for your major. Since the ELC program is extra-curricular, it does not satisfy any course requirements. Some engineering study abroad programs include 231 in their curricula and since they are approved experiences, you may use that study abroad to count as one ELC experience. However, you may not use readings required for 231 to count toward the ELC literary study requirement.

    Q: Do I get academic credits for enrolling in the Leadership Certificate program?
    A: No. The Leadership Certificate is not an academic program, so no credits are associated and it will not show on your transcript. The intent of this program is NOT to add credits to your academic load, but to develop you personally as a leader and make you more employable. Additionally, the ELC encourages you to explore out-of-classroom experiences that will increase your confidence and ability to serve others with your new technical skills.

    Q: How do I inform the committee that I have finished all the requirements for the Leadership Certificate program?
    A: Submit the Exit Survey found under the Exams tab in the Learning Suite Community. Then send an email to the to set your exit interview.

    Q: Can sophomores and juniors in Leadership Certificate finish as a grad student if they go to BYU for grad school?
    A: No. Leadership Certificate is intended to take 2-3 years to complete. If Leadership Certificate is started in one's sophomore or junior year, that student must finish by the time they complete their undergraduate degree.

    Q: I have other questions. Who do I contact for answers?
    A: Contact the Weidman Center Leadership Committee at

  • Q: Can an experience that is tied to class credit be used for the Leadership Certificate program?
    A: One out of the two required experiences can be tied to class credit.

    Q: I will be a leader with my club, can I use that as an experience?
    A: Club leadership varies greatly from club to club. If you believe your experience matches the outlined guidelines, submit a proposal form found under the exams tab in Learning Suite. You will receive feedback on it in one to two weeks.

    Q: Can I spread my 30 hours over longer than a semester?
    A: Though the experience can last longer than one semester, the minimum 30 hours must be completed within one semester. This is to ensure active participation and an engaging experience.

    Q: Can I count my capstone project?
    A: Yes, acceptable capstone classes are outlined in the Leadership Certificate instructions linked above. Be aware though that only on experience can be tied to class credit out of your two.

    Q: I am working on a 'capstone' project, but I am not using it for graduation, can this count?
    A: Yes, just submit an Experience Proposal form in Learning Suite and wait for approval.

    Q: I will be doing an internship; can I count that?
    A: Internships must be approved by the committee and must meet all other criteria in order to be considered for approval. Please submit an Experience Proposal.

    Q: I did a study abroad or other applicable experience before enrolling in the certification program, can I still count it?
    A: Experiences must be completed after enrolling in the program.

    Q: When are my experience reports due?
    A: Written and verbal experience reports are due three weeks after the experience is completed.

    Q: How do I turn in my experience reports?
    A: Written reports can be submitted via Learning Suite. Verbal experience reports can be scheduled by emailing with the subject line "LC Presentation Request".

  • Q: Do I have to get my papers checked by the Research and Writing Center or could I get them reviewed by a qualified friend?
    A: You must have your papers checked by the Research and Writing Center.

    Q: Can I get all of my papers checked at the same time or do I have to have separate appointments?
    A: The writing center must report to the Weidman Center that they reviewed your paper. Each paper must have its own appointment time, but it can be done either synchronously or asynchronously.

    Q: What books are approved?
    A: See list

    Q: How do I get a book approved that is not on the approved reading list?
    A: Submit an Alternate Book Proposal form in the Learning Suite Community under the Exams tab. You will receive an email with approval or denial within approximately 2 weeks of submission.

    Q: Are the reports graded or accepted based on completion?
    A: Reports are based upon completion, but are expected to be high quality. Similar to a pass/fail structure, reports that do not meet the standards outlined in the rubric will not be accepted and must be reworked.

    Q: When are my literature reports due?
    A: Literature reports on Learning Suite are due three weeks after you finish reading the book.

  • Q: When are the Leadership Workshops?
    A: Look for the workshop schedule on the Weidman Center homepage’s Workshops quicklink and advertising in the engineering buildings.

    Q: Do I have to go to all the workshops every year?
    A: You have to go to five workshops. You can attend five in one year or spread your attendance out over two years.

    Q: How do I report that I went to the workshop?
    A: Submit the survey corresponding to the workshop you attended. These surveys are found on the Learning Suite Community under the Exams tab.

    Q: When are my survey responses due?
    A: Leadership Workshop surveys must be submitted by the 48-hour deadline on Learning Suite (ex: the survey for a workshop held on Tuesday is due on Thursday @ 11:59PM)