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Dean's Circle

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About Dean's Circle

Dean's Circle members help support Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering initiatives by generously providing significant financial contributions each year. Students greatly benefit from these funds through scholarships and mentorships, project funding, study abroad support, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, and much more.

Dean's Circle membership is dependent on donations totaling $1,000 or more each year.

Dean's Circle+ members are those who contribute $10,000 or more each year (with larger one-time gifts qualifying the donor for multiple years of membership, at the discretion of the dean). Dean's Circle+ members are invited to special events on BYU campus that showcase the impact of their contributions and receive special recognition through college channels.

Interested in becoming a Dean's Circle member? Contact our Assistant Dean to explore your options and learn how you can make a difference.

Dean's Circle Members
Dean's Circle+
Dean's Circle


Dean's Circle+ membership is dependent on donations totaling $10,000 or more each year (with larger one-time gifts qualifying the donor for multiple years of membership, at the discretion of the dean). Thank you for your support!
Alice Allred

Gene & Evelyn Banks

Camille Beard

Brent & Bonnie Beesley

Ted Bliss

Charles R Bluemel

Ernest & Eunice Bramwell

Bradford & Shannon Brown

Gary & Lorena Brown

Fraser & Jennifer Bullock

Michelle Burnham

Philip & Brooke Carmack

Madeline Chao

Mark & Susan Cluff

Paul & Jeanette Clyde

Wilford & Natalie Clyde

Dorian De Maio

David & Michelle Dorrough

Greg & Monica Drennan

Deryl & Valerie Eastman

Douglas & Nancy Ferrell

Brian & Hallie Fielding

Marc & Jamie Foulkrod

Kevin & Ruby Franke

Ira A. Fulton

Michael Gardner

Kurt & Joni Goodfellow

Lynn Goodfellow

James & Amanda Hales

Wayne & Connie Hancock
Teresa & Roger Harding

Justin and Leslie Haskell

Craig Hinckley

Lee & Allison Hinkle

Wade & Kay Holbrook

Duane & Marjorie Horton

John and Alyson Howlett

King & Diane Husein

John & Sharon Hutchinson

Thomas & Pamela Ingersoll

Johnny & Verlanne Johnson

Jim & Renee Keller

JoDee and Dan Lang

Stephen J. Larson

Donald & Jette Laws

Alan & Leslie Layton

Tahna & Justin Lee

Vardell M. Lines

Tony & Mary McQuinn

Keith and Janet Merkley

Robert Miller

Brett & Karen Moore

Christopher & Emily Musso

Jeff & Jane Nobbs

Jonathan & Tara Oliver

Curtis & Mary Oscarson

Mark Paullin

Craig & Susan Paullin

Rex & Maureen Rawlinson

Paul & Robin Richards
Jim and Carolyn Ritchie

Bruce & Sara Robinson

Thomas W. Sederberg

Karl & Laurie Seil

Milton & Heidi Shipp

Dale & Catherine Smith

Janis Smith

Douglas Smoot

Courtenay and Andrew South

Karen and Randy South

Jane T. Staten

Michael & Elizabeth Stephenson

John & Melissa Stewart

David W. Swainston

Michael & Gloria Toomey

Lee Trammell

LaMar & Bessie Trego

David and Ronda Wadman

Paul Van Wagenen

Frank & Jane Wagstaff

Gary S. Watkins

Lynn & Sandy Watson

David & Rachel Weidman

Jack R. Wheatley

John & Diane Wheatley

Richard & Virginia Wheeler

Connie Wimmer

Ryan & Jennifer Woodley

Sid and Marcia Young

Ray Zelko

Dean's Circle

Dean's Circle membership is dependent on donations totaling $1,000-$10,000 each year.
Thank you for your support!
Benjamin S. Avery

Scott and Julie Baird

Drex and Rosalee Bayles

Robert and Tami Blotter

Bradley and Deborah Brown

Mac and Starr Burton

Jeffrey R. Buxton

Travis and Melissa Carroll

Justin J. Cassell

Linda S. Christensen

Michael and Wendi Clark

Jim C. Clark

Christopher and Kristine Clason

David and Barbara Comer

Cordell S. Copa

Kevin and Cathryn Cragun

Lorne C. Diebel

Brett K. Dodds

Patricia and Leo Dooley

James and Ruth Eldredge

Eric Ellis

Judy and Rodric Fan

Jaremy and Tara Flake

Tom and Beth Fletcher

Daniel and Susan Flores

Steven and Gaylene Giles

Steven and Amy Gold

James D. Hadley

William E. Hagbery

Matthew and Shannan Hall

Eric and Mary Hambly

Justin and Carrie Hamilton

Edward and Laurie Hancock

Faith and Jonathan Harris

Chris and Wendy Hart

Jay and Phyllis Hartvigsen
Doug and Diana Hastings

Michael G. Hawkins

Matthew and Dixie Haycock

Jordan Heaton

Ben Heaton

Burke and Melanie Hunsaker

George and Kathleen Hyde

Sam and Lorraine Inman

Jerry and Bernadette Izu

James and Joan Jackson

Kstrong Inc John Kemp

Craig and Carol Johnson

Brandon S. Keller

James and Jennifer Kendall

Blair and Mary Kent

Frederick and Julie Kesler

Nathan and Leslie King

John and Jeanene Krogue

Bradley and Kristine Larson

Christopher and Ashley Lavin

Brent and Christina Law

Greg and Renee LeCheminant

Bart and Laura Leininger

Rand and Leslie Lewis

Hong Lu and Yi Li

Jinliang Ma

Patrick Manning

James and Jill Marchesi

Angela and Erik Massey

Brennan and Allison McKinlay

Stephanie and Jason Meredith

Woodruff and Susan Miller

John and Margaret Mitchell

Dale and Karen Munger

Troy Munro

Curtis and Vicky Nielson
Gregory and Joyce Nolte

Markus and Wendy Nordlin

Randy and Sandra Okland

Chuck and Marilyn Owen

Jerrie and Lucia Pabst

Jerrie L. Pabst

Rita and Ashok Patel

Mark and Sara Richards

Doug and Bonnie Richards

Decker A. Richmond

Bill Schlotthauer

Nathaniel and Andrea Schuetz

Wendy and Frederick Seng

Douglas and Mariellen Sereno

Timothy and Ashley Shawcroft

Kenneth Smith and Andrea Eyring

Dorian and Teresa Snell

David and Kerstin Springgay

Christopher G. Strieby

John and Carolyn Sudds

David and Luann Tanner

Richard and Janice Tate

Jim and Ginny Taylor

Paul and Sharolyn Thayer

Ann K. Throop

Jimmy and Kimberly Trent

Craig and Julia Udy

Zhen Q. Wallis

Adam R. Weidemann

Joel and Kristy Williams

Howard and Leslie Wilson

Wiltse and Valerie Wood

Aimee and Allen Wood

Thomas and Katrina Youd

Haifeng Zhang