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About Mentor Alliance

Members of Mentor Alliance are select professionals who use their experience and expertise to help BYU Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering students refine their leadership and technical skills through impactful mentoring opportunities. Mentors provide feedback and serve as judges for the annual Student Innovator of the Year (SIOY) competition, train club leaders, contribute to BYU Engineering Together (BE Together) initiatives, participate in one-on-one virtual mentoring, and much more. Students love every chance they get to glean knowledge and experience from the mentors, and mentors get to network with each other while helping students.

Mentor Alliance membership is by invitation only. No financial contribution is necessary to participate.
If you are interested in being a mentor to BYU engineering students, please contact Jim Trent, Assistant Dean, to find out about joining Mentor Alliance.

Mentor Alliance Opportunities

Mentor Alliance Day

The first Mentor Alliance event of the school year will be Thursday, Nov. 17. It will include a chance to network with other members of the Alliance, attend a lecture given by given by Span Construction & Engineering CEO King Husein, join students for a mentoring luncheon, give project feedback to SIOY competitors, and bask in the energy of fall on campus at BYU.

Student Innovator of the Year (SIOY) Mentoring and Judging

•Nov. 17: Mentor Alliance Day and SIOY Speed Mentoring
•Feb. 15: SIOY Showcase Judging
•Mar. 1: SIOY Finals

Mentor Alliance members will participate in a Speed Mentoring event during Mentor Alliance Day, Nov. 17. They will provide valuable feedback to the SIOY competitors regarding how to further develop and hone their projects for a showcase and final competition in the winter semester.

At the SIOY showcase on Feb. 15, mentors will judge the innovation, engineering, and impact of students' projects, and sending a select number of teams to the final competition to compete for a share of $50k in prize money.

Leading up to the Showcase, during the first week of February, student competitors will upload short video presentations, a.k.a. Fast Pitches, of their innovations, for Mentor Alliance members to watch at their convenience and provide comments to help the students refine their presentations for the competition.

To get an idea of the kind of projects students bring to the contest, you can view the 2020-21 gallery of SIOY Showcase video submissions here, and the exciting 2022 finals competition on our YouTube channel here.

Mentor Alliance members are also invited to join the Student Innovator of the Year Networking Group on LinkedIn to connect with students and offer mentorship on their innovation projects.

Email if you have any questions.