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This website is designed to help faculty and staff in the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology effectively fulfill their responsibility to protect the health and safety of employees and students, and to contribute to a culture of safety in the college. The college has developed a comprehensive plan to help create a safe and healthy work environment. As part of that plan, a number of resources have been developed to help faculty and staff in this important endeavor. Many of these resources are found on this website as described below. In addition, the College Health & Safety Officer is available to provide help and support as needed (801-422-6589).

Training Guide - The training guide is an online tool designed to help faculty and staff identify what health and safety training must be completed by the individuals they supervise. The training should be completed before those individuals engage in their work. The training guide also provides a means to record the health and safety training that has been completed.

Safety Snapshots - A set of short training presentations related to health and safety have been prepared for use in research group meetings or anywhere you feel would be useful. If you wish, the College Health & Safety Officer is available to present and discuss any of these topics. This can be arranged by contacting the Health & Safety officer (801-422-6589).

College Health & Safety Documents - This link allows individuals to access the College Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP), a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) template and example, Hazard Checklist, Risk Matrix, College Electrical Safety Program, Emergency Action Plan (EAP), and Crane Safety Program documents. These documents provide instruction and/or establish standard health & safety practices within the college. If you have questions regarding any of these documents please contact the College Health & Safety Officer.

Unwanted Lab Materials - Please contact 801-422-6382 if you have any questions regarding the disposal of Unwanted Laboratory Materials.

Online Basic Safety Training - This online training is required of all student employees in the college before they engage in their work, and is accessed through the BYU YTrain site. Departments should direct those they oversee to the catalog that corresponds with their department. Departments should contact the college Health & Safety Officer if they would like a safety presentation they have developed added to the YTrain site. All supervisors need to be familiar with the training that is to be completed by those they supervise.

College Health & Safety Officer - The College Health & Safety Officer (CHSO) is here to help you. Do not hesitate to contact the CHSO if you have any questions or concerns related to health and safety. The CHSO has been trained and is qualified to help individuals identify workplace hazards, assess risks associated with a wide variety of health and safety hazards, provide suggestions for controlling workplace hazards, and perform some training.