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Frequently Asked Questions

From choosing a major to mapping a path to graduation, Student Services (246 EB) provides a variety of services to undergraduate students in the College of Engineering. Visit an advisor or career director today!

Questions often asked by students:
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    How do I reserve a room?
    Need a space to study, work on a large project, or hold an event? Visit to reserve a space.
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    How do I declare a major and minor?
    To declare a College of Engineering major, visit Student Services in 246 EB or submit a change major request on your MyMap.

    Students must select and declare a major by the time they have 60 earned BYU credit hours (excluding language exam credits). Once a student has 75 earned BYU credit hours (excluding language exam credits), they will not be allowed to change their major, unless special permission is granted. It is not mandatory to declare a major immediately, however some classes within each major require that you declare the major the class is associated with.

    To declare your minor, visit to the advisement center that owns the minor (e.g. for Math minor, see the Physical & Mathematical Sciences Advisement Center). Ask them to sign a minor form, and take the form to your primary major advisement center.
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    Where can I find Major Academic Plans (MAPs) for majors in the College of Engineering?
    MAPs can be found here. Please note: The first page of the MAPs has all the classes required for both the University Core and the major. The second page has an eight semester plan for students, along with information about the major and career opportunities within the discipline.
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    What classes should I register for my first semester?
    Please contact Student Services to help plan your first semester of major classes and general education classes. We have resources and advisors to help guide you through your freshman year. Please note some of your General Education classes will overlap with your major classes so it is important to talk to the advisement center about your first year of classes.
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    Do I need to complete my degree in four years?
    While students may try to complete their degree within a four year mark, many find that it takes longer to complete their degree. This is not uncommon. That being said, it is possible to complete your program within eight semesters, even if it may be difficult. We recommend you meet with your department advisor to establish a graduation plan to fit your individual needs. Please contact Student Services to find out who your department advisor is.
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    How do I apply transfer credits to my degree?
    Please make sure your transfer credits have been sent to BYU to be evaluated by the transfer office. Once this is done please contact Student Services and we will refer you to your department advisor who can help apply your transfer credits toward your degree at BYU.
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    I'm graduating. What do I need to know?
    Click here for BYU's graduation application process and ceremony details (
Questions often asked by parents:
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    What do I need to know before seeking advisement for my student?
    If you are seeking general advisement, feel free to contact us. If you are seeking specific information such as grades, enrollment status, personal information, and any other information specific to the student and their account without written authorization, we will be unable to disclose such information due to FERPA. For more information on FERPA and receiving authorization for your student please visit the BYU FERPA website.
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    How do I help my high school student prepare for the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering?
    Explore major options and department websites to help your student choose a field of study at BYU. In our college, majors require difficult math and science classes such Calculus, Physics and Chemistry. Students should take higher level classes in high school to help prepare for college level courses in these classes. Parents and perspective students should also become familiar with BYU admission requirements. If you are interested in a personal tour please call our office, 801-422-4325.
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    How can I help my student on a mission?
    Make sure you have authorization from your student to do things on their behalf. Please see questions above for help with changing a major and registration. If you have questions regarding an Academic Improvement Plan please contact, 801-422-2723. We would be happy to help you know what is best for your student, feel free to call us, 801-422-4325.