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Dean's List Spring 2023

To qualify for the Dean’s List, students must carry a minimum of 14 credits in a semester (or 7 credits in a term) with a semester/term GPA of at least 3.5 and be ranked in the top 5 percent of the college for the semester/term.

Avila, Juan
Badger, Leanna
Berrett, Berkeley Russell
Burk, James Wade
Cannon, Joseph Abraham
Covington, Curtis Jeffrey
Crofts, Charles Arden
Forbes, Taylor Nathan
Garber, Logan
Hafener, Andrew William
Havey, Kyle Nathan
Ho, Jonah Andrew
Huggard, Sadie Janelle
Johnston, Matthew Wayne
Labrecque, Justin Riley
Macdonald, Zachary Seth
Moulder, Jacob Fosse
Nelson, Joseph
Quintana, Kenneth Thomas
Rowberry, Matthew Alan
Rowe, Steven Andrew
Schwartz, Seth Graham
Sevy, Haylee Gretchen
Shaw, Eugene Wright
Steed, Jackson Raeldon
Whitmer, Wyatt Daniel
Wilkins, Jared Matthew
Williams, Raylen
Wilson, Cody Austin
Wilson, Matthew
Yang, Toua
Ziegler, Masaharu John
Zimmerman, Ryder