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Snack Size Seminar

Come learn about stress management, eat snacks, socialize, and stay after to study!
Weidman Center (main floor of the EB)

Weidman Center Workshop: Crucial Conversations

All teams face problems. Successful teams candidly discuss and resolve them. Learn proven principles for how to handle difficult conversations from a certified trainer. 
EB Event Space

Weidman Center Workshop: Becoming an Expert Problem Solver

Prizes! Recruiters hire engineers to be problem solvers. Boost your skills!
EB Event Space

Weidman Center Workshop: Creating Collaborative Environments

Learn and practice communication skills to enhance collaboration and team effectiveness.
EB Event Space

Weidman Center Workshop: Impostor Syndrome

Dawn-Marie Wood, Visiting Assistant Professor, Behavioral Neuroscience, Diversity and Gender Studies
EB Event Space