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Engine-building BYU grad encourages students to change the world


If you have ever seen “The Fast and the Furious” movies then you must have noticed the powerful turbocharged engines in their cars. Although the films are not known for their realism, BYU grad Matthew Bingham helps engineer real life turbocharged engines for the Fortune 500 company Cummins.

Bingham graduated in 2012 with a degree in mechanical engineering and has worked at Cummins ever since.

“I am a combustion performance and emissions engineer,” said Bingham. “I mix and match turbochargers and other performance parts to develop diesel and natural gas engines for electric generators.”

Cummins, the company that employs Bingham, is a world leader in engine development with operations in over 197 countries. The company is number 159 of the Fortune 500 list of largest companies with annual sales over $20 billion.

“I enjoy working for Cummins because it strives to be a great place to work and supports my decision to balance work and life,” said Bingham. “Cummins also has limitless opportunities to advance my career and grow my technical knowledge. Company culture supports and even encourages changing roles to gain a variety of experience.”

Bingham says that while working in the professional world he has learned that many tasks are often left ambiguous on purpose as opposed to academia where there is often clear direction. A major challenge is pushing past the ambiguity to meet deadlines.

Bingham is very thankful for his time at BYU and the lessons he learned, but he is especially grateful for his Capstone experience.

“BYU provided a strong technical background from which I pull from for my day-to-day work,” said Bingham. “The design concepts taught in Capstone are very useful and can be applied on nearly every project in some form.”

His advice for recent BYU alums or those still in school is to trust in the values and lessons learned from a BYU education.

“Have confidence in your work ethic and leadership abilities,” said Bingham. “Time and time again I have seen BYU graduates outperform their peers in maturity and leadership abilities. Don’t be afraid to lead out and change the world!”

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Matthew Bingham

Release Date

April 11, 2018