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International Internships

The step-by-step guide below has been provided to help you search for opportunities and receive Weidman Center international internship scholarships.

  • To get started, You'll want to see what sorts of opportunities are available. Here is a list of some resources you can use to find potential Internships:

    • Kennedy Center – The International Study Programs (ISP) Office in the Kennedy Center lists BYU internship programs who help place students with organizations doing work related to their discipline and professional interests. Some require language skills and others do not.

      The following advertise this type of program:

      • Arabic Flagship
      • Berlin Internships
      • Baltic States Internships
      • Central Europe Internships
      • Manufacturing Engineering Internship
      • Malawi International Development Internship
      • Poland Internships
      • Portugal Internship SiPN
      • Rome Internships
      • Spain OléSAY Internship
      • Scandinavia Internship
      • Taiwan Chinese Flagship

      *Check with the program director for each internship, before you apply, to verify that they have opportunities that relate to your discipline.

    • BYU Handshake – Employers and organizations post internship opportunities on this job search system.
    • Online Search – Conduct research online similar to a job search. One idea would be to search companies you may be interested in working for someday to learn if they have internship programs with affiliates abroad.
    • Network – Let people know that you are looking for an internship abroad. Ask if they know of opportunities or people you may contact. Ask your professors or Career Services Director if they can point you in a direction.
  • Apply for the internship. When you are accepted, proceed to the next step.

    To receive a scholarship from the Weidman Center, you must be enrolled in a BYU-Approved program for credit doing technical or engineering work.

    For one of the Kennedy Center internship programs mentioned in Step 1, apply to that program by searching

  • Email proof of the internship offer (e.g., email or letter) that includes a description of the type of work you will be doing and your completed Initial Information Sheet (IIS) to

    Note: If some details in the IIS will not be available until closer to the start of your internship, then make note of that, submit the form, and send an updated version asap.

  • Depending on the type of program you choose, there may be additional requirements by your department, the Weidman Center, and/or the Kennedy Center's ISP Office.

    If you found your own internship:
    Apply to the Weidman Global Internship found on and contact Brianne Landeen,, to complete the ISP Checklist prior to receiving your scholarship.

    If you are going on one of the Kennedy Center internships listed in Step 1:
    The pre-program requirements will be covered in the preparation course for that program.

    Department Requirements:
    If you want this internship to fulfill your major's internship requirement, contact your department internship coordinator and complete all department requirements.

  • Email when you have completed all of the above. You will be notified by email when the scholarship has been submitted.