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Training Guide

Training Guide Link

The online training guide is designed to help supervisors identify the health and safety training that individuals need to complete before they begin their work. The training guide also provides a means to record what health and safety training has been completed. The relationship between the training guide and the training required for individuals is illustrated in the following image:


  1. Preparation:
    1. Assess what work is to be performed by those you supervise.
    2. Create a list of titles for the job tasks being performed. The titles should be based upon job tasks that are common among a group of individuals. If too many tasks are grouped together and addressed by one form, then it will contain training requirements that are not applicable to some of the individuals to whom the form may be provided. The goal is to have a printout that includes only the training that an individual needs to complete.
    3. Note: you may prefer, at least to begin with, to think of this exercise in terms of the individual student who will do the work. You can then use the same training form for others doing the same work. Some faculty members have found it useful to break things up in terms of the physical lab location as it is likely that students working in a particular lab will need the same health and safety training.
  2. Using the Training Guide:
    1. Repeat the following steps for each job task (or employee if you prefer):
    2. Access the training guide tool online at
    3. Click on the “Training Questions” link
    4. Complete all of the information and answer all of the questions
    5. Click the “Finish” button at the bottom of the form
    6. Print off the resultant form to serve as a master copy for others doing similar work.
  3. Laboratory Specific Hazard Assessment and Training:
    1. For laboratories that use chemicals, the Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) for the college should be used to assess hazards and to develop and document safe procedures for use in your lab. These procedure’s are then used for laboratory specific training.
    2. Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) forms should be used to assess the risks for work in your laboratory that is not related to chemicals. These completed forms are then used for laboratory specific training.
  4. Training Completion & Documentation:
    1. As applicable, provide copies of training guide forms to those being supervised.
    2. Have individuals complete their health and safety training as certified by the required signatures.
    3. Collect completed forms.
    4. Submit completed forms to your Department Office for record keeping purposes.
    5. Make sure you maintain master copies of the training guide form for each job task. The online tool is not designed to store the work you have done. We recommend printing the blank training record as a pdf and then storing it on your computer for use with other students in the future who will require similar training.