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First-ever BYU alumni “tech summit” held in Austin


The first-ever BYU alumni-organized tech summit, the Austin Tech Summit, welcomed more than 150 attendees and representatives from 75 companies. The one-day event was organized by the Austin BYU Alumni Chapter and Austin BYU Management Society. Sponsors for the event included Oracle, Tableau, the BYU Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering, and more.

Speakers included executive-level representatives from IBM, Dell, Gartner, Clylance, Smartronix, and Oracle. Hands-on learning sessions allowed participants to share best practices and gain insight into emerging technology trends.

The purpose of the Austin Tech Summit was to accomplish the following:

  • Provide networking opportunities
  • Provide professional development & education
  • Identify recruiting opportunities (internships/full-time positions) for future BYU Alumni
  • Raise funds through individual and corporate sponsorship

At the end of the event, more than $3,000 was fundraised to be used toward scholarships for local youth to attend BYU.

Event organizers relied on chapter newsletters, Facebook groups, and LinkedIn to attract alumni to the event.

“The response was fabulous,” said Colette McCullough, one of the event organizers and current BYU Alumni Board member. “Many people came up and said ‘this is exactly what we need here in Austin’.”

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Jordyn Crowley Watts


Jordyn Watts


Austin Tech Summit

Release Date

November 16, 2018