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New department chairs announced

Dr. Aaron Hawkins named chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department; Dr. Norman Jones named Civil and Environmental Engineering Department chair


Dr. Aaron Hawkins and Dr. Norman Jones began their respective terms as department chair on June 1, 2018. Dr. Hawkins replaced Dr. Brent Nelson and Dr. Jones replaced Dr. Rollin Hotchkiss.

Of Dr. Brent Nelson, outgoing Electrical and Computer Engineering department chair, Dean Michael Jensen said, "The fact that Dr. Nelson has been appointed two separate times as department chair and spent nearly one third of a more than three-decade BYU career in this position is a testament to his leadership and success as a faculty member. His positive impact on the department has been exceptional."

The influence of outgoing Civil and Environmental Engineering chair Dr. Rollin Hotchkiss "will benefit his department and the college for many years," said Dean Jensen. "His preparation as an accomplished teacher and scholar and the perspective he offers through his broad academic experience strengthened his ability to offer effective and impactful leadership to his department."

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department names Dr. Aaron Hawkins as chair

New department chair Dr. Aaron Hawkins joined the BYU faculty in 2002. He directs the university's cleanroom facility and co-directs a flagship undergraduate research program called IMMERSE. He is a graduate of California Institute of Technology (BS '94) and University of California, Santa Barbara (PhD '98).

"Dr. Hawkins’ creative thinking, energetic ability to make things happen, and exceptional record of academic achievement makes him an outstanding appointee," said Dean Jensen. "We are excited to see his energy create new opportunities for students and faculty."

Learn more about Dr. Hawkins on the Hawkins Research Group website.

Dr. Norman Jones named chair of Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

Dr. Norman Jones, a BYU graduate (BS '86), joined the BYU faculty in 1991. Since obtaining his MS and PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Jones’ research has focused on groundwater modeling and hydroinfomatics.

Dr. Jones’ commitment to teaching and research has been recognized through multiple awards from BYU and from his professional community, according to Dean Jensen. "His experience and thoughtful leadership style will help his department achieve its objective of preparing students for lifelong service and professional contribution."

Learn more about Dr. Jones and his appointment to department chair here.

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