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Bayer Alka-Rocket Challenge Finalists- Updated

Photo by Hand-out

BYU's Rocketry Team has become one of the top five finalists in Bayer's Annual Alka-Rocket Challenge! They will be competing to launch their chemical-reactant propelled rocket over 430 feet in the air...Hopefully breaking last year's Guinness World Record. They will also be competing for a chance to win $30,000. The Challenge will take place on December 12th at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

Riley Meik, Mark Johnson, Alex Laraway and Zach Lawless built their launcher and projectile earlier this fall. In their tests, the projectile launched nearly 700 feet in the air...definitely over the current Guinness World Record. They decided to enter the competition as a way to earn money for the High Altitude Team, and as finalists have already been awarded $5,000.

In conjunction with the Alka-Rocket Challenge, the Rocketry Club has also been participating in the Bayer Blog on the competition. For those wanting to read their point of view on the event, see here!

Watch a video on the competition here!

More information on the competition and our team's involvement can be found in Cision's article here.

*Checking back in: Our Rocketry Club came in 1st place! Read the article on winning the competition here. See their launch here!