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3 Core Global Leadership Competencies

Through study abroad programs, competitions, workshops, innovation events, and other experiences, we hope to provide you with opportunities to develop three core competencies:

1. Exceptional Problem Solving

Problem solving is necessary in all areas of life. Competent leaders can diagnose and articulate problems and work through a range of ideas to identify solutions. Using proven processes, they ensure that solutions are thorough, ethical, accurate, and complete.  Engineering problem solvers further understand how global considerations impact problem solving, such as the types of technical solutions appropriate for a given region or the interpersonal dynamics created by cultural differences.

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2. Effective Teamwork

Leaders develop an awareness of their own approach to problem solving, an appreciation for the approaches of others, and the emotional intelligence required to navigate the dynamics that result from different approaches. They must appreciate how cultural and socio-economic drivers change team dynamics and how teams that are split across time zones effectively interact.

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3. Clear Oral & Written Communication

Good communicators are better prepared to excel in graduate programs and business environments. Desirable skills include scientific writing, professional presentations, how to get a point across and clearly explaining perspectives. Leaders need to write effectively to secure approval for resources, actively listen to others, navigate difficult conversations and give and receive constructive feedback. Communication should also be developed with language barriers and cultural sensitivities in mind.

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